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Unifrax’s FyreWrap® Elite® 1.5 Duct Insulation is a singlelayer flexible duct wrap enclosure for 1- and 2-hour fire-rated air distribution systems (ADS ducts). Typical duct types include smoke control, hazardous exhaust, laboratory chemical fume, stairwell and vestibule pressurization, ventilation, supply/return ducts, commercial dryer exhaust,  as well as refuse and linen chutes. This slim, compact design is an alternate to code prescribed fire-rated shafts and results in significant weight, space and labor savings when compared to traditional shafts.


FyreWrap Elite 1.5 Duct Insulation Air Distribution System (ADS) offers the following features:

• 1- and 2-hour fire-rated enclosure (3 hour available)

•  Alternate to fire-rated shaft

•  Zero clearance to combustibles at all locations on  blanket wrap

•  Saves weight, space, labor

•  Thin, lightweight single-layer system

•  High-temperature, biosoluble insulation

•  Durable foil-scrim covering

•  GREENGUARD listed for Microbial Resistance

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